Winter  Survival Skills
Winter is arguably the most amazing time of year in Canada.  There is nothing more beautiful than being out in the wilderness, seeing nature in all its glory covered in a blanket of white fluff.
If you enjoy the wilderness, yet are nervous about how to manage and stay safe and warm in cold conditions, this course is for you.
Why not learn to love the outdoors with a landscape filled with snow with the bonus of not having to deal with mosquito's or black flies!
Our instructor and owner, loves the cold wilderness, and lists Alert Nunavut (the worlds most northerly permanently inhabited location), and Goose Bay Labrador as two of his most Favorited places to be in the winter.  He also has experience in serving in Eureka and Resolute Bay Nunavut.
We are offering to help you learn the specific application of survival in the snow-covered landscape -
without the Arctic price tag of travel to the Remote Arctic!
Winter Survival Introduction 
This course is a one day introduction to basic cold weather survival techniques.
Students are introduced to the basic principles required to survive in a winter environment with a strong emphasis on the theory of practical and useful survival skills that will prepare you in case of a winter outdoor emergency, such as becoming lost or during a breakdown on a remote snowmobile trail.
Under the guidance of our Instructors, Students will learn to identify the best kind of winter survival shelter and will construct an appropriate winter survival shelter maintaining the necessary aspects ensuring that maximum protection from the elements is gained.
Topics such as: 
  • Hypothermia & Frostbite prevention & treatment
  • Protective and proper clothing and equipment for Winter Survival
  • Starting and tending to a fire in the winter
  • Types of Shelters 
  • Shelter building
Maximum Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1:8
Prerequisites:      WSSGK  encouraged, but not required 
Duration:             1 day 
Cost:                   $175.00 + tax ($197.75 in Total)
Dates: Usually the second full week in January.
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Winter Survival  2
This course is a four day follow up to our Winter Survival Introduction 1 to basic cold weather survival techniques. 
Our instructors will review the materials taught in WSI1, and will provide a fun and interactive learning experience using mock survival scenario whereby the students will construct a safe, suitable shelter appropriate to the environment and conditions of the day, will be given an opportunity to spend a night in their shelter, and if possible build a different kind of shelter for the second and third night!
Students will continue to learn and develop and sharpen their bushcraft skills learning about practical and useful survival skills that will prepare you in case of a winter outdoor emergency.
Such skills will include:
  • winter survival camp site building and routine
  • finding winter water sources
  • winter tracking and trapping  
  • basic navigation
Maximum Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1:8
Prerequisites: Winter Survival Introduction  
Duration:         4 days, 3 Nights
Cost:               $ 625.00 + tax ($706.25 in Total)
Special:         Duration 5 Day, 4 Nights $ 775.00 + tax ($875.75 in Total) when purchased with WSI
Dates: Usually the second full week in January.
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Advanced Winter Survival & Solo
This course is an eight day course where there will be two full days of classroom preparations, followed by six days in the bush, with three nights in a team and the last three nights as sole.
Topics covered:
  • Psychology of Survival in a winter setting.
  • Introduction to Wilderness First Aid in a winter setting.
  • Proper use of clothing.
  • Overland travel in a winter setting (snowshoeing).
  • Fire preparation, lighting and maintaining the fire.
  • Shelter construction, various shelters used in a winter setting.
  • Water collection.
  • Traps and snares.
  • Animal dressing and cooking.
  • Various methods for Ground to Air Signals.
  • How to use hand held distress devices such as Personal Locating Beacons (PLB) and the In-Reach device.
  • The Search and Rescue (SAR) pattern.
  • Siting for setting up a Helicopter Landing Zone (LZ). 
Maximum Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1:8
Duration:         8 days, with 6 nights in the bush.
Cost:               $ 1400.00 + tax ($1582.00 in Total)
Dates: Usually the first full week in February.
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