Wilderness Safety &Survival - General Knowledge

Learn the basics of surviving in the wilderness. Our training is based on elements of the current Royal Canadian Air Force doctrine.


This course is both informative and entertaining through real life examples. The basic principles learned, can be used in all environments whether it’s land, marine or urban based emergencies. Ask questions, handle equipment and start fires.

Syllabus (includes but not limited to)

  • Introduction to Psychology of Survival: Enemies of Survival, the Good Survival Prospect, and the Survival Pattern

  • Introduction to the Alert & Response of the Search and Rescue (SAR) system in Canada

  • Fire lighting under adverse conditions

  • Introduction to Shelter Construction across Environmental Conditions

  • Introduction to Effective Signals: Be found, Go home!

  • Introduction to Water Procurement & Treatment

  • Introduction to Food Gathering & Preparation

  • Clothing and Equipment Choices for Survival

  • Fire: Multiple methods under varying conditions.

  • Introduction to Shelter: Varying types, materials, placements, and the pros & cons of each.

  • Signals: Being seen is being rescued! (flares, mirrors, flags etc.)

  • Introduction to Water: Purification tabs, pumps, filters, when and where.

  • Introduction to Food: Passive techniques for harvesting common plants and animals.

Wilderness Safety & Survival General Knowledge (WSSGK)

Prerequisites: none

Duration: 2 full days

Maximum Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1:12

Cost: $ 225 + tax ($254.25 in Total)

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Wilderness Safety & Overnight Survival

Get a real taste of survival! Imagine building your own survival shelter, sitting around a crackling fire that you built, watching the stars.


Those are only a few of the things you will do during this course. We will apply most of what was learned during WSS 1 General Knowledge during two full days and one night in a beautiful wilderness setting.  Learning and thriving while surviving in the Wilderness.


Definitely a weekend you won't forget! 

Syllabus (includes but not limited to)

  • Introduction to Wilderness First Aid: Awareness and Prevention is key!

  • Shelter: Alternative Shelter Options.

  • Signals: Go Big and Go Home! Being seen is being rescued! Let's build a Smoke Generator

  • Water: Purification tabs, pumps, filters, when and where.

  • Food: Passive techniques for harvesting common plants and animals.

Wilderness Safety & Overnight Survival (WSOS)

Prerequisites: Wilderness Safety & Survival General knowledge (WSSGK)



  • 2 full days by itself, however, may be added to WSS 1 if the client wishes to do so, which would be a total of four days in the bush.

Maximum Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1:12


  • $400+ tax if purchased with WSS GK ($452.00 in Total)

  • $225 + tax by itself ($254.25 in Total)

Wilderness Safety & Solo Survival 

This 8 day adventure will give you a new perspective on life and survival. We will have two days of advanced survival instruction which leads to a 3 day team survival adventure, followed by a 3 day solo survival adventure.  You will end up with a feeling of solitude and you will get to know yourself on an entirely different level. Passive survival is the name of the game and advanced techniques will be introduced. You will experience some or all of the enemies of survival. This experience is very similar to a vision quest.

Syllabus (includes but not limited to):

  • Local plants and animal identification and patterns.

  • In depth Psychology of Survival.

  • Passive food gathering techniques.

  • Knife and axe sharpening techniques.

  • Food storage and preparations.

  • Advanced fire starting.

  • Selection of proper clothing.

  • Enemies of survival.

  • Smoke generator.

  • Cleaning and cooking of small game.


Solo projects include:

  • Start and maintain a fire

  • Identify and gather food sources

  • Create a ground to air signal

  • Produce a tool of their choice (i.e.. fishing rod, axes, fork)

  • Navigate from drop off point to solo site and back at the end of the exercise.

  • Identify water sources and demonstrate methods of purification.

  • Select a shelter site and build the shelter of their choice with the on hand materials

  • Set and monitor a small game snare, either a rabbit or squirrel set. Snares may be closed so as not to catch animals.

Wilderness Safety & Solo Survival


Duration: 8 days, 6 nights (6 nights in the bush)

Maximum Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1:12

Cost: $1100.00 + tax ($1234.00 in Total)