Why provide outdoor leadership education opportunities???

Experimental education is defined as "learning by doing, combined with reflection" this is the heart of our Student Outdoor Leadership program.   


Student Outdoor leadership education (SOLE) provides an opportunity to enhance the well-being of individuals, groups, and communities by involving them in activities that foster enjoyment, adventure, and challenge. SOLE is a vehicle for facilitating self-discovery and the skills of living and co-operating with others. The personal, physical, and social skills that are acquired can enhance enjoyment of life, for life!

It is a proven fact that students who participate in an outdoor education opportunities, are likely to further develop a commitment to take positive action to respect, preserve and protect the environment and to share their new found appreciation with others and becoming a leader.  But how? 

We achieve this by providing a hands-on experience with opportunities for increasing students’ environmental and ecological understanding.   

Our program is based on a "Challenge by Choice".

Students will remain in their comfort zone while pushing their own limits and pursuing their own potential.

 The program is designed to:

  • create an appreciation for the value of teamwork, community responsibility, self-reliance and individual leadership

  • develop skills allowing comfort with, and safety in, the natural world

  • encourage a passion for life-long learning and outdoor adventure

Our goal is to help students cultivate the practical skills and qualities they will need to thrive as leaders in the plugged in modern world by providing unique "unplugged" activities outside of the regular classroom environment to develop skills that empower them to take action through their own personal development through the introduction of a variety of learning experiences and finally encouraging students to lead happy, healthy lives in nature!

Survival Simulation: