Course Schedule and Course Booking

Registering is a quick process... but first, how will you be paying?

           Are you paying by credit card or PayPal?

     Step 1.      Click on the course you wish to register for  Click Book Now  

                        Complete the required text and then click "PAY NOW"

     Step 2.      Enter information using your preferred method of payment


    E-transfer: select "Pay in Person".

     By selecting "Pay in Person" you are agreeing to electronically send payment by E-transfer/ electronic payment to


     (a)  You understand that the E-transfer is due immediately upon booking and acknowledge that an email will be sent to you                      confirm the receipt of the E-transfer.


     ​(b) You understand that should the electronic payment not received, your booking will be cancelled by 8am the next business day

     Step 3.      All courses, please complete the FIRST AID COURSE Registration below. 

                       We will register you onto our providers Website for you. 

    Step 4.       For WILDERNESS COURSES ONLY, YOU must complete the "Liability Waiver" form and the

                        "Emergency Contact &  Medical History" form. 

                        These can be found on our website under the "Wilderness Participant Forms" tab of our website.

             For Clients who have taken advantage of the 25% Deposit Payment plan.

An invoice with the balances owing will be emailed to you.   

Payment is due 14 Business days prior to the start date of your course.

                                                         We will send you via email course registration confirmation. 


Deposit to Book
 Balance due 14  business days before your course.